The exhibition, “The Garden in its Setting”, features four gardens designed by John Brookes MBE, focusing on how he connected each one to its setting by integrating the surrounding landscape, local vernacular, the clients needs, and the surrounding architecture into his design.   John was the first independent garden designer to show a Main Avenue garden at Chelsea (1962), authored 26 books, and appeared on television programs around the world.  In addition to lecturing and teaching internationally, he also designed well over a thousand gardens across 6 continents. 

In his last book, his memoir, Legacy of a Landscape Gardener, he wrote that “travelling and designing gardens beyond the British Isles and the Continent has expanded my insights into how to approach landscape design. It has taught me to dig a little deeper as well, beyond the style and needs of my client and into the cultural background of the job – as well as its physical backdrop and ambience of the place.” 

The four gardens featured in this exhibition are in New York State, Patagonia, Poland, and Russia.