Tutor: Amanda Patton Price: £135 Included: refreshments and a light lunch.

This one-day course will introduce the principles of successful planting with an emphasis on the garden in spring.

Starting with the basics of composition, it will explore how to create interest through form, texture and layering, and how to create mood through repetition, colour and style. There will be a detailed analysis of the available plant material and opportunities for spring planting, while not losing sight of the overall picture throughout the year.

The afternoon will be devoted to a practical how-to session allowing you to design a border or area of your choosing, which will encompass understanding soil and site conditions, surveying what you have, and setting out a drawing on paper to calculate plant quantities required.

You should come with an idea of where you might create a spring border in your own garden or where you might want to enhance your garden with spring interest. Photos of the space will help you. You should also aim to bring with you a notebook for sketching (max A4), scale ruler, graphite pencils, pens and colour pencils.

You can also choose a space within the garden once you arrive as the format for the day will mix classroom learning with exploring the garden itself.

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