The drawing course is essential learning for those who wish to join the Professional Garden Design Diploma course. This course will increase your confidence in the skills for drawing up a design by hand and teaches the basic requirements for using the necessary equipment. It is also an opportunity for those who are already in the industry, either designers or others, who wish to remind themselves of the skills required in hand rendering, use of a compass and hierarchy of line.

Day 1Choosing and using the correct drawing equipment including: scale ruler, set square, compass and the various types of paper. Understanding the workings of a drawing board and the parallel motion. The day includes practising drawing exercises so that the equipment becomes familiar to use. Also, we shall begin drawing up a design in pencil.
Day 2Continue drawing up the design in pencil, taking each element one at a time and building up the overall picture. Discuss the use and types of rapidograph pens and when they should be used. Decide upon the layout of the design and begin to ink in the design.
Day 3Continue with inking in the remaining elements of the design. To include positioning the title block and the working drawings, and proposed illustrations. Photocopying the final draft of the tracing design ready for colour rendering.
Day 4Learning how to construct an elevated drawing progressing onto axonometric and applying these skills to the completed design.
Day 5Colour rendering the design and the elevated and axonometric drawings. Colour charcoal, marker pens and crayon will be discussed and used throughout the day. At the end of the five days you will have drawn up and colour rendered a design.

Course times: 10:00 – 16:15 each day

Course fee: £575.00 (10% discount available if attending the Professional Garden Design Diploma course at Denmans Gardens)

For booking please contact Denmans office on 01243 278950 or by emailing