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“Since Christmas 1984 John Brookes is caring for it, so Denmans will go forward as a teaching garden.  It is well to know it is in such good hands.”

Joyce Robinson
The New Englishwoman’s Garden
edited by Alvilde Lees-Milne and Rosemary Verey, (1988)


John Brookes-Denmans Foundation

When John Brookes MBE died in March 2018 he was working on renovating portions of the garden near the Gardener’s Cottage.  The Garden continues to be under renovation and will become part of the John Brookes-Denmans Foundation so it will continue on as the garden he and Joyce Robinson created.

The John Brookes-Denmans Foundation promotes and disseminates the John Brookes MBE design legacy in order to enhance the experience of landscape and garden design students and professionals as well as landscape contractors, homeowners, and gardeners.  Central to this mission is the maintenance and development of Denmans as a centre for landscape and garden design excellence and to ensure its place in the history of gardens and garden design.

Charity no. 1171609

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