PRESS RELEASE – January 2021

Broadcast Radio Interview – Talking News


‘An oasis of green calm’


Just before lockdown last year Chichester Area Talking News Radio host Geoffrey Archer interviewed Gwendolyn van Paasschen about the work she and the team at Denmans Garden are doing to restore and look after the legacy of plantswoman Joyce Robinson and garden designer John Brookes.


Recorded for a magazine show Insight, the station broadcasts for the visually impaired. During the conversation they discuss the history of the estate, Joyce Robinson as plantswoman and gardener and the restoration work that John Brookes began before he died in 2018.


‘She was a plantswoman and he was a designer and this [Denmans] is where the best of those two worlds come together…we work within the spirit of Joyce Robinson and John Brookes’


‘Joyce was especially sensitive to partially sighted visitors and planted a great deal of plants with special fragrances….there is nothing like the birdsong here in early spring and late winter and lots of places to sit and be very tranquil’


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