The overgrown shrubs behind the stone doves between the Cottage and Clock House have been the focus of December’s rejuvenation project.

This winter blog will focus on elements that I have blogged about before at this time of year….. namely that this is when us gardeners will try and do any remedial/aesthetic and maintenance-led pruning on trees and shrubs that we feel need it for the aforementioned reasons.


The copse between Clock House and the Cottage (Denmans) is being rejuvenated this winter.

Between the north side of Joyce Robinson’s Cottage and John Brooke’s Clock House residence, there has been an untamed copse growing for many years of various trees and shrubs with a scattering of perennials to the forefront of the eastern borders.


Back in 2017 John began to reclaim the bit nearest Clock House by opening up the view from his front door diagonally through to the huge Magnolia × soulangeana to the north of the Cucumber House.