We are now in February at Denmans Gardens and there is an explosion of colour throughout the garden from the many bulbs that are now appearing.

The Galanthus (snowdrops) and Eranthis (winter aconite) that I mentioned in January’s notes are now out in all their glory.

Some of the Galanthus are “new” to us, as they have appeared in areas, such as the Nut Walk and by the Cottage, that we have cleared this past Autumn and into Winter.

We have no doubt that they are original plantings by Joyce Robinson many, many

years ago, that are now showing themselves thanks to the increased light.

The dark purple hellebores near the Nut Walk are especially prolific this year.

We have several forms of Helleborus orientalis in a variety of shades in flower in the garden at the moment and in the aforementioned piece on the “ Nut Walk”, where they are predominately of the deep smoky purple colour.

We believe they were probably planted at the same time as the Galanthus, in a deliberate contrasting colour combination by Joyce.

Dark purple hellebores near Nut Walk