Here at Denmans we welcome in the month of May and the garden is absolutely bursting with life and colour.  Nature is most certainly not in lockdown!

We have four different forms of Wisteria sinensis in bloom at present:

This pink wisteria is blooming for the first time in many years, its rosy racemes appearing through the purple wisteria at the entrance to the Walled Garden.

A lilac form over the entrance into the garden; a pink form that has appeared out of nowhere to nestle in amongst the aforementioned lilac one; a bluer form is trained over the flint in the Walled Garden to hang gracefully above the edge of the border and brick circle that we recently exposed; and, finally, we have a white form being trained up the wall of the cottage on the south side.

All of these have, for the last couple of seasons been worked on to create their show at this time of year and we still have work to do on them.  It is very important to create a framework for a wisteria for the space and position that you have allotted it.  Once you have achieved that, it’s careful annual pruning in late July ( to reduce new growth back to the framework), and then, more important, pruning in January to cut out any new growth back to the main stems and branches of the wisteria plus cutting back the small flowering stems back to 1-3 buds.

The pea-like flowers of the white wisteria trained on the south side of the Cottage is tinged with a soft pink.

Our new found pink form and white form were left unpruned and free to grow unchecked for too long and will require more attention in the next two seasons to re-establish their framework where we want it.

Elsewhere a very special plant at Denmans is just finishing its show in the Nut Walk