Annabelle hydrangeas were one of John’s favourite plants.

July is upon us at Denmans and we are very pleased and encouraged by the number of people visiting us in these testing times and all the lovely comments we have had…. thank you!

This blog is going to focus on flowers as there is so much colour out at the moment in the garden and it is a joy to behold.

Although in essence some people who visit will want to see individual blooms close -up as they walk around, others will hopefully (much to both Joyce Robinson’s and John Brookes’ liking) take a step back and see the colours in the various parts of the garden working in harmony painting a picture,  and with the shape and form of the foliage, etc., completing the view.

Onto some of the plants, shrubs and trees that are putting on a show now;  If you visit, look how they work with each other and their positioning around the garden.

I’ll start with one of John’s favourites which is Hydrangea arborescens ‘Annabelle’. We have several statuesque clumps of this shrubby hydrangea, which produces huge white flower heads en masse atop their stems, and are visually stunning. These fade to a creamy beige as summer progresses but look good right through to October.