Denmans Garden collaborates in a variety of ways with local artists and makers, be that through hosting events and workshops, showcasing work in the gift shop and garden or through providing inspiration and materials.

As part of an occasional series, we interview some of these artists to find out more about their work and inspiration.

This month we are introducing Gill Hunter Nudds, otherwise known as ‘Wild Wonder Ceramics’.  
Her own work includes beautifully hand built ceramic sculptures inspired by wild creatures and birds, and the beauty of wild places.

She is holding two workshops at Denmans Garden in August 2024 focused on creating botanical clay printing and creating a bird cane topper.


Gill:  I feel hugely connected with nature and I’m drawn to express this love through creating pieces of art work and working with the earth. In the 1990s I was able to fulfil both of my passions by studying for formal qualifications in Art & Design and Garden Design.

This led me on a wonderful journey where I was able to work in both these fields. I have gained further qualifications in Social and Therapeutic Horticulture at Coventry University and a foundation course in Art at West Dean College; I now acknowledge both Art and Horticulture as tools for holistic practice and well-being.




I am surrounded by a diverse local landscape of woodlands, the chalk South Downs, wild meadows and farm land. The fields around me are home to deer, foxes, a variety of birds and sometimes I can spot hares on the nearby downs. I love these beautiful creatures and they inspire me to create them in clay.


I work from my tiny studio at the back of our cottage; our garden wraps around it, so bird song and nature can flood in. I also run regular workshops from here for small groups of two to four people. I have worked with clay for over twenty years and have taught workshops for almost 15 years, working with children and adults of all abilities, for charities, art communities and recently for the Weald & Downland Open Museum.

I enjoy sharing my love of clay with others and watching their sense of wonder and joy when they create something beautiful with it. My workshops are relaxed and fun with emphasis on the process of making.


My own creative practice is informed by creatures found in the British Landscape. I always start with references of the animal’s anatomy, photographs and rough sketches. I try to capture the essence of the animal or bird I am sculpting. Over the years my work has become more stylized, I no longer seek to create a replica of the animal, but want instead to create its unique character whether it be through a tilt of the head or flick of a tail.


Whist studying for qualification in Garden Design at Brinsbury Collage many years ago, we had a field trip to Denmans Garden. I was immediately inspired by its beautiful planting, incredible design and layout and sense of peace and tranquillity. It has been wonderful to re-connect with it again.


Being immersed in nature is therapeutic and helps me relax and switch off. I love to walk in wild landscapes, bird watch and slow down from the busy pace of life.


My hopes for the future are to continue to create art and share my love of working with clay -in particular with others. I love facilitating workshops, and creating pieces of my work for the Oxmarket Contemporary Gallery, Southern Ceramic Group and the Open Studios and Gallery Trails.





For further information please contact Gill on 07730 539492 or email


More detail on these workshops can be found on our events page:

To see examples of Gill’s work go to

Instagram @wildwonderceramics


For more information, please contact Louise Campbell 07540892364