An early blooming pink bergenia in the dry river bed at Denmans.

It’s that moment in early spring when bulbs and perennials begin poking their heads through the cold soil, reaching for the faint warmth of fragile winter sunlight, that sustains gardeners and non-gardeners alike through the last dreary weeks of winter.

To gardeners, it is as though old friends are returning from a necessary absence; daffs there, pink bergenias here, and crocus around the corner.  Here at Denmans Gardens, the bluebells are already showing their leaves, forget-me-nots are rampant, and the odd (very odd!) perennial is already blooming – a light coral watsonia near the Conservatory, a too-early blue Anemone de Caen at the base of a birch tree.


Chimonanthus praecox in bloom by Joyce Robinson’s Cottage.

Winter shrubs are blooming everywhere and the fragrance of the sarcacocca and daphnes is literally breath-taking. The early camellias, chaenomeles, and Winter Sweet (Chimonanthus praecox), to name a few, are in full swing.  The garden, gently blooming, is enchanting despite the gray, drizzly skies.


This year we’ve also had the extraordinary pleasure of discovering a host of bulbs that are coming up in places we didn’t plant them and where we have never seen them before.  It’s like magic.