PRESS RELEASE – October 2021
How to Design A Garden – In the News!

We hope that John would have been thrilled to see some of the fantastic media coverage How to Design a Garden has received since its release in Britain on 9th October.  The book is a collection of 50 of his essays, lectures, and articles, some of which have not previously been published.  All royalties will go to the John Brookes-Denmans Foundation

As published in the October 2021 issue of Garden Design Journal, copyright James Pembroke Media Ltd.

David Stevens, a former of colleague of John’s, reviewing for Garden Design Journal, noted that it is‘a fascinating study of John Brookes’ method of working…there is a great deal of both common sense and inspiration…whether you are a garden owner starting out or a seasoned practitioner seeking further inspiration, there is every reason to read it. It will engender curiosity and set your mind working along many different and fascinating paths’


Gwendolyn van Paasschen, who edited the collection, was interviewed by Sarah Wilson for the Roots and All Podcast (Gardening Podcast of the Year at the Garden Media Guild Awards). The interview is well worth a listen and discusses how the book is a portable, pocket version of Brookes’ philosophy of design, disseminating his fundamental principles and keeping his conversation going. To listen to the podcast in full go to:  She also did lovely interviews for The English Garden and Sussex Living.

There have also been some fantastic and notable mentions on social media as well including from Mark Lane, BBC Gardener’s World,
‘I met John years ago and was amazed at how he looked at and read a garden. A cuppa and an excellent read…. I love it. Such a great book, full of John’s insights, tips and more.’

And Annie Guilfoyle, award-winning designer, teacher, author, lecturer, RHS judge, and founder of,
‘I will so enjoy reading this, John has had the biggest influence on the way I think about design. I recommend his books to all my students.’

And Managing Director of the Inchbald School of Design and award-winning designer, Andrew Duff (soon to be president of the Society of Garden Designers),
The sign of a great book, I have had it less than 48 hours and it is already well thumbed and full of annotations.’

And author and award-winning designer, Cleve West,
‘…the book is a reminder, not only of John’s skill as a designer and educator but also that he was ahead of his time in thinking of environmental sustainability. 
John had a huge influence on the development of many designers around the world…’

And Chris Young, RHS,
Can’t wait to read it….and hear his voice sing from the pages’

Rake’s Progress magazine reviewed and said:

‘The collection of essays, articles and lectures gathered in How to Design a Garden are simple and instructive whilst also illustrating Brookes’ way of thinking, characterised by great care and wisdom offset by a witty lack of beating about the bush…Practical, insightful and innovative, Brookes’ reflections as set down in this anthology are enduringly sharp – an essential book to have in your garden library’

And Naomi Slade reviewing for Garden News commented that the book is ‘the distilled essence of common sense. It makes you think about what you – or your client – needs, it makes you consider how the space will be used and how it sits in its landscape. What’s more, its focus on sustainability is well ahead of its time…. When it comes to separating the wheat from the chaff and the things you need from those you don’t, it tells you and it tells you straight. This is a book that delivers a firm talking to, in a good way.  And, as John himself would say, if you stop and look, the answers are all there’

Ian Hodgson in Garden News (23 October 2021) wrote that ‘For those wishing to know more about how to design gardens, including their own, this inexpensive soft back will act as mentor and guide.”

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